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This really is Resident Evil

Congratulations, you've literally managed to sum up the series in a few minutes!

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Utterly senseless...

Yet completely worthwhile. Got any more?

Kyaztro responds:

I have another game, Pointless platformer, but I think this is better

Fucking fantastic!

Quite how you managed to get this working is beyond me, but I don't care: The important thing is that it's fully playable!

Couple of issues however, the most obvious being a slight lag in controls. It's nothing major, but can make the difference between shooting something or being shot.

Next, the lack of music. Again, not a massive problem really, but sometimes it's just not Doom if the music isn't there :P

Screw it though. Lag and music be damned. Simply being able to play Doom on any PC with Flash installed is good enough for me. Here, have 10 stars.

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Not bad, not bad at all...

It's painfully on the short side of course, but what IS here is very, very good, and also very faithful. My only gripes are to do with the zombie:
a) Holding the spacebar down = easy win
b) Doing it 'properly' is insanely hard... Perhaps giving a slight increase in how much the player's bar fills per keystroke would work?

Other than that, I can't see why you would stop here. Keep it up!

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Made of win!

This song really does have that 'relentless-psychotic-clown' feel to it. Be it hurling acidic pies or busting down the Big Top with a chainsaw whilst swinging for your head, you can guarantee the mad bastard has this song thumping away in the background.

I sure as hell wouldn't want to be stuck fighting it!

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Nice twist!

At first I was tempted to hit the BLAM button, as it sounded like you'd just taken the MIDI and changed a couple of the instruments...

Then things got interesting with all the little extras and whatnot you placed, and as this is one of my favourite tracks from the game, I can safely say I had a fat stupid grin across my face until the end.

Well done sir, well done!

What a mess...

I think the term 'remix' is severely misleading here. The 'intro' is far, far too long (half the song? What's the point in that?), and even once it does kick in, what we're subjected to barely resembles 'Facing the Spider' (the original track name); there is way too much fuzz, the tune can barely be heard amidst the constant scratchy overlay, and the percussion is almost non-existent.

If you were going for a sort of 'club-remix' style with this track, you picked a bad song to base it on. In fact, you probably couldn't have made a worse choice if you tried: 'Facing the Spider' is 100% rock; it doesn't fit any other style, no matter what you do to it.

I feel cheated!

"I make art, until someone dies." Ok, so not exactly like that, but it's pretty close.

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