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Next track...

2009-01-12 20:48:23 by DeimosComaBlack

Not entirely sure which song I should try to update next...

Any suggestions?

Note: I'll try the majority of suggestions, but can obviously only do anything if I have the game or have heard the music enough times beforehand.


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2009-01-15 15:47:38

How bout a doom2 track, E1M1 has been remade countless times, not many Entryway ones floating around...
I'd say, redo "The Pit"
I'd like to see a redux metal version of that.

DeimosComaBlack responds:

I'll give both a shot, sod it.

Whether or not I can find the right sounds for either has yet to be discovered. However, I do have E2M2 kicking around, so failing them, I'll finish that one off.

In the meantime, I do have a test version of 'The Demon's Dead' (Doom 2 Map10/16) here, it's not that bad as it is. I'll see if there's anything to bring up to scratch, then upload that.

As for E1M1... Not for a long, long time. Everyone does something with that eventually though...


2010-12-17 00:40:26

Something from Deus Ex! Even the main theme.


2011-01-11 10:52:10

Nah, you don't want to do "The Pit" (doom 2 map 9), it's been done before, and done really well - watch "The Doom Project": /252756

although they didn't make available for free use the music they used. Please look at the review I left on your sign of evil redux page. What do you think of my idea?


2013-12-24 12:21:27

Maybe more Alien Vendetta maps? I just heard your beautiful Map 22 remix.